Here is a selection of parts from our excellent range of Badges,Chrome and Nameplates.

In fact anything thats slightly shiny!

Please note all prices exclude VAT

Radiator Badges all MMM (also spare wheel badge J2,F2,L2, and front apron badgeP,L,N,K)

We have seen original badges on pre war cars of both light and darker brown on cream, we decided to produce a large batch of 100 of each type! So now we can offer both colours at the market leading value price of £28 each

We know opinion is divided on which looks better and indeed which is correct , in fact at Stoneleigh show 2 eminent MMM owners

offered completely different `opinion as to which was correct for their J2 . They each bought a different badge!

The picture really doesn`t do these badges justice, the enamel is the best we have ever seen !

So please specify light or dark brown on cream badge when ordering. Please note for the bossed spare wheel badge for the P type we only have the lighter colour in stock at present.


Hood Frame Brackets J2, F2, F3, PA ,PB, L2

We have finished a new batch of hood frame brackets, machined from solid brass,

with a superb chrome plate finish. Made exactly as original, except now with stronger 'beefed up' sides,

to prevent them fracturing which was a notorious problem with these from new.

They are a part of the highest quality. Part no 2110. £24.95 each


                                                                           Original          S & V


'Carbodies' Coachwork body plate Back in stock ******

   As fitted to the J2, F, D and L 

   Part No 1368 priced at £8.95



Windscreen Pillar Screws (all MMM and TA)

These Raised Head Countersunk Chrome Screws will really augment the look of your windscreen supports

In correct length 2 3/8", they are suitable for all MMM models..

Part No 2564 £2.75ea     

Guarantee Plates ..all MMM models

As you can see the printing on these plates is fantastic, they are etched and filled as original.

We can also stamp the chassis and engine number for you for at a small extra cost.

To the right is pictured the plate for the early `Oxford` built MG which we also carry

Part No 1367.. £16

Part No 2083   £18


Chromed Brass Domed Bonnet Tops c/w Nut/washer

Fitted to all models except M , these are sold £5.50 each

Part No 1675 

Period Licence Holders... Suit all MMM models

Here is another'concours' product, its a period 'Cowey' Licence Holder

available in either Nickel Chrome Plate, exquisitely produced with superb engraving

and high quality plating ...  Part No 2675... £36


Union Jack Bonnet Badges   All MMM models.

Among our comprehensive range of badges we have in stock once again the Union Jack Badges

which are fitted to the bonnet.They come complete with fixing screws and nuts

Part no 1607 £16 per pair   


Bonnet Handles  PA/B,NA/B (TA/C)

These UK sourced Bonnet Handles are sold in pairs and come in a quality plated finish

Part No 1528  £48 pr



 Petrol Filler Cap (4 seaters and Salonettes)  D,J,F,L1,NA/NB

This lovely original type plain filler cap as fitted to 4 seaters and salonettes across the MMM range.

It has fine knurling and comes complete with insert ready to fit.

Part no 1221 £48



Windscreen  Pillar Cone Spacer PA/B, NA/B TA

Chromed brass, part no 1673  £1.95 each



Windscreen Dome Nut PA/B,NA/B

Amongst our comprehensive range of chrome parts are these brass side pillar dome nuts,

that will really add to the look of your windscreen..

Part No 1573 £6.25 each

Windscreen Makers NamePlate

The MG factory used 3 different makers of windscreens for their cars, all from the Birmingham area.

Why, Im not sure but here we have the following name badges for sale which cover the MMM range.

`Percy Lane` Part No 2128    £8   PA/PB, L ,N

`Auster`         Part No 1817     £5  Some P and N Types and T series

`Perfecta`      Part No 2264     £6.25   J,F,L


Instruction Plate Mixture/slow running    PA/B, NA/B

Like all our brass nameplates this one has a protective plastic wrapping which can be peeled of..

Part No 2366  £9.95




Mirror Arms (Drivers and Passenger side)

Suitable for most MMM cars, and T Type, these arms are another example of the fine chrome parts

that we offer at S & V.. Part no 1764 , priced at £42 each arm



Rocker Cover Data Plate MG J Type

They are another in our superb range of printed plates, the detail and finishing will really

enhance the look of your rocker cover, and grab your attention when you lift up the bonnet.

Part No 1624, priced at £28 each

Brass Instruction Plates for the Group Lubrication System.

Fitted to all MMM models (except M.  Like all our printed name plates they are of the highest standard.

They come with a protective plastic cover so don't forget to peel it off!

Part No 1214 (£24 pair)

Brass Radiator Nameplate

Another in our range of nameplates is this radiatior plate, as fitted to most MMM models.

It comes in a protective plastic cover which can be peeled off

Part No 2080  £8

Body Plate P, N, T Types

Once again available are these superb body plates for the later MMM models and T series.

They are from brass, etched, black filled and polished to give a fantastic look.

Part No 1778, priced at £8.95 each.


  Handbrake and Footbrake Adjustment plate

 Part No 1674 £9.95 each


Oil Filler Elbow in Polished Aluminium.

As fitted to J and D types, (will also fit M and F Type)

Part No 1737  £52 ( cap extra - see below).  

Oil Filler Cap for J,D. (will also fit M and F types).

As well as supplying new elbows (pt.no1737), we also supply this lovely chrome plated Cap.

Complete with internal brass closure plate.

Part No 1645 £32.50